The Pooper Scooper

We launched our first product this month, our portable pooper scooper. It’s very easy to use and is available in two sizes (small and large) in various colours (yellow, blue, grey, green/cream). The product contains an integrated poop bag compartment to hold a roll of bags.

It hooks onto your lead or clothing for convenience and easy access meaning you don’t have to carry it around. The contraption is designed so that the dog owner avoids contact with the dog poo as much as possible. To use it, you pop out the interior silicone scoop, tear off a bag, use the hinged grabber to grasp onto the end of the bag, fold the rest of the bag over the device and then use the hinged grabber to scoop over the dog poop. When the grabber is shut, you simply pull the ends of the bag back over the device and you’re then free to dispose the bag in a bin or the product expands to hold the poop-filled bag until you come across your nearest bin. The product is made from plastic and silicone so easy to wash if you don’t want to use the bags.